Street Culture Festival 2021

Organized by Youth Square & TWGHs Tuen Mun Intergrated Services Centre
Date & Time
  • 10 Jul - 28 Aug 2021
  • Dance Studio / Y Platform / Y Studio
  • Free

Youth Square and TWGHs Tuen Mun Integrated Services Centre have been organising Street Culture Festival for five consecutive years. Conducted by professionals in street culture, the festival has been providing street dance training, rapping and graffiti workshops and street dance competition opportunities to youth over the years. Street culture enthusiasts were able to learn and exchange their common interests for free!


This year, ‘Street Culture Festival’ is going to organise a series of street culture activities again, including street dance training , rapping and graffiti workshops, allowing participants to learn various skills in street dance, rapping and graffiti, they may even have a chance to perform street dance on stage!


Street dance competition in ‘Street Culture Festival 2021’ will be divided into groups and individuals to highlight the festival. To share the joy of street dance with public, the finale will be held at Y Studio, Youth Square on 28 Aug (Saturday). Netizens will also be able to watch live of competition via Youth Square Instagram!

1. Street Culture Festival 2021 - Workshops

Date: 25 to 27 August 2021 (Wednesday to Friday, three consecutive days)

Venue: Dance Studio, 6/F or Y Platform, Youth Square

How to register: Please apply online by clicking ‘APPLY button on this page to fill in application form and select the workshop from 25 to 27 August you are interested in. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email. Limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis.

Registration deadline: FULLY BOOKED


For enquiries - workshops:


Tel no.: 3721 8888



2. Street Culture Festival 2021 - Dancing Life Competition:

Street dance competition in ‘Street Culture Festival 2021’ will be divided into groups and individuals this year, allowing contesters to join competition themselves or form teams on their own. Contesters in groups are required to submit a dance video via email to participate in the preliminary competition. Ten finalists will be chosen by judges to compete a championship on 28 August 2020 (Sat) at Y Studio, Youth Square!


All individual contesters are welcome to join the preliminary competition at Y Studio, the competition will select 32 finalists by then to enter 1-on-1 Battle. Netizens can also watch the live of finale via Youth Square’s Instagram!


A. Street Culture Festival 2021 - Street Dance Competition (Group competition- Choreography):


Date: 28 August 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Venue: Y Studio, 2/F, Youth Square

Judges: Oceann and Suki Rabbit

Host: Fat Joe

DJ: Monster Kei

Prize: Champion - $4000︱1st runner-up - $3500︱2nd runner-up - $2500


B. Street Culture Festival 2021 - Street Dance Competition (Individual):

Preliminary Competition & Finale:

Date: 28 August 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm (Cypher preliminary competition)︱6:30pm - 10:00pm (1-on-1 Battle)

Venue: Y Studio, 2/F, Youth Square

Judges: Popping Lok, Luen Mo and Bigki

Host: Fat Joe

DJ: Monster Kei

Format: Judges will select 32 finalists from freetstyle Cypher preliminary competition by groups, 32 finalists are required to join 1-on-1 Battle.

Prize: Champion - $3000︱1st runner-up - $2000︱2nd runner-up - $1000


For enquiries - Dancing Life Competition:

Tel no. : 2441 2042 / 6418 5900

Contact person: Ms Theresa Yuan


Points to Note on Application:

1.    Participant must be a holder of Hong Kong permanent identity card. All participants will be required to show identification document when entering event venue.

2.    Participant must complete an online application. A confirmation email will be sent to participant, please provide a valid email address when completing application form.

3.    The organiser will own the copyright of all submitted work, and allow using, editing and publishing the work for promotion, education and non-profit purposes without permission.

4.    Decisions made by judging panel are final and are not subject to dispute.

5.    Application priority will be given to youth aged between 15 and 29, written consent from parent / guardian is needed for participants who aged below 18.

6.    All programme activities are free of charge. Limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis.

7.    Applicants should be aware of health condition and consider whether attendance and actions are suitable. Fire, water, explosive decomposition or any dangerous goods are not allowed to be used as props.

8.    The organiser reserves the right to amend the programme content. In case of any disputes, the organiser reserves the right of final decision.

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Y Studio is on 2/F of the Main Block

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