Walk in North Point: A Borrowed Modernity (Pop Culture) (Cancelled)

Picture of  Walk in North Point: A Borrowed Modernity (Pop Culture) (Cancelled)


Modern North Point Seminar

North Point is colloquially known as “Little Shanghai”, a fascinating nickname that is worth taking a closer look. During the 1920s, China underwent a period of modernisation, with Shanghai being the first city that led the movement. In 1950s, Hong Kong took on the “baton” as it was getting rebuilt after the Second World War. Many Shanghainese people who fled south to Hong Kong settled in North Point, bringing with them slices of Shanghainese culture and lifestyle to the King’s Road area. This gave North Point a distinct character that is until today still palpable. Dance halls, cinemas, night clubs, restaurants, fashion boutiques, photo studios, hair salons, beaches and even playgrounds, they all add to the unique modernity that makes today’s North Point a Modern Tale of Two Cities that is begging to be


Speaker: Dr. Ng Chun-hung is Honorary Associate Professor of Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong, who has long had a keen interest in the relationship between pop culture and the social development in Hong Kong. His publications include the “Cultural Chitchat” series, “Pop Hong Kong: Reading Hong Kong Popular Culture, 2000-2010” and “Here and Now: Sam Hui”, among others. In recent years, Dr. Ng has also created the website “James Wong Study” for the “Hong Kong Memory" project, while hosting an RTHK radio show “The Comeback of Black-and-white Cantonese Films”.


Date:22 February 2020 (Sat)   ︳Time:11am – 1pm
Venue:AI Zone, 5/F, Youth Square
Fee:Free Entry   ︳ Language: Cantonese ︳Pax:60


Online Application: Art-mate 

Application Deadline: 21 February 2020 (Fri), 11:59pm

Limited quantity. Available while stocks last.


Curios and the Eclectic Shopping Arcades of North Point Tour

The modernisation of North Point has marked a fascinating chapter of Hong Kong’s history to say the least. Among the most memorable events were the development of the stunning Braemer Hill, the prosperity of “Little Fujian”, the myth and disappearance of the “Seven Sisters”, the past glamour in night clubs, the growing base of the left wing, and the gradual ageing of its residential neighbourhoods. The stories of these ups and downs will be told during the tour as we also discover how they have influenced the naming of North Point’s many streets and lanes.

Throughout the tour, olden urban spaces and architecture such as tenements and composite buildings that serve as offices, factories and homes will also be explored. As for the decades-old neighbourhood shopping arcades? While some are still brimming with loyal shoppers every day, many have succumbed to dilapidation and are becoming obsolete. A stark contrast to the cookie-cutter approach in newer districts, North Point remains a treasure trove of anecdotes and fascinating culture that prompt us to rethink the basic relationship between living spaces and architecture. 


Speaker: Mr. Alfred Ho is an urban researcher and a certified architect in Hong Kong. Graduated from Department of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong before furthering his studies in the Netherlands, Ho focuses on Urban Research, with an aim to offer the public a better and multi-faceted understanding of urban spaces and architecture. He has explored topics such as Hong Kong shopping malls, department stores, living spaces, amusement parks, urban aesthetics, and more. In the future, Ho plans on launching more research projects, while also working on community building, design and conservation.


Date:29 February 2020 (Sat)   ︳Time:11am – 1pm
Fee:Free Entry   ︳ Language: Cantonese ︳Pax:20


Route: Oi!>New Trend Plaza>State Theatre Shopping Arcade>Chun Yeung St>Chinese Goods Centre>Everwin Arcade>Metropole Department Store>North Point MTR Station (Dismiss)

Assemble time: 10:50am

Assemble point: Oi! (12 Oil Street, North Point)


Online Application: Art-mate  

Application Deadline: 28 February 2020 (Fri), 11:59pm

Limited quantity. Available while stocks last.


Contact: 5511 4839
Email: info@walkin.hk




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