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Youth Square presents “Mov Space”. The program will feature a series of short films from Fresh Wave local competition section, all created by talented young filmmakers in Hong Kong. Please register now!


Application is now closed. Thank you for supporting!


2016. 10. 14│19:00 - 20:40│Y Studio, 2/F, Youth Square

Sports Movies


Movie 1:  Fencing
Duration:  20 mins
Language: Cantonese|Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis: Attack and defense, that’s what fencing is, and so is life. Two university fencing team players are meant to be each other’s archenemy. Fung, who is talented but bad-tempered, lost his place to Pun in representing the university in the upcoming inter-school competition. He puts the blame on the fact that Pun was born to be the son of the past representative of Hong Kong fencing team, which is an advantage that he could never beat. While the other side of the story is, Pun is being pushed to the edge of nervous breakdown by his over-aggressive father who wants his son to complete his unfulfilled dream.


Movie 2: Blindspot
Duration: 25 mins
Language: Cantonese | Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis: A story of father and son, and a stray dog. Baseball kid Lam doesn’t get along with his father after his mom’s passing. He meets a stray dog named Tomato one day when he is practicing on the street. He takes the dog home and it soon becomes the connection between him and his estranged father. A traffic accident, however, takes Lam’s life. His father immerses himself into mourning for the loss of all beloved ones. With the help of the staff in heaven, Lam finally realizes how much his father loves him, and is given a final chance to show his love.


Movie 3: Ali And Me
Duration: 25 mins
Language: Cantonese & Urdu | Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis: A short tale about the friendship between two secondary boys who happens to sit next to each other on the first day of school. Mohammad Ali, a Muslim who loves playing cricket, hopes to become a professional player in the future. Tsz Kit, raised in a typical bourgeois Hong Kong family, is forced to attend piano classes because his mother believes this helps polish his application for further studies. He is fascinated by Ali’s passion for cricket and starts looking for his own interest.


Movie 4: Someday We'll Know
Duration: 30 mins
Language: Cantonese|Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis: The swimming team is deflated after its captain, Tin Heng, passed away tragically. However, a reserve of the team, Gei Yuen, works his way up in hope to represent his captain in competitions and to boost the team's morale. His mind may be focused on Tin Heng whom he idolises, but he cast his watchful and silent infatuated glances on Tsz Suen, Tin Heng's girlfriend and member of the girls' swimming team, who remains aloof and even apparently nonchalant about her boyfriend's death. Gei Yuen originally thinks Tsz Suen is dismissing her emotions to mask her sadness. However, he finds out that she is harbouring a secret...


2016. 10. 15│19:00 - 20:45│Y Studio, 2/F, Youth Square

Prize-awarded Movies


Movie 1: Fish in Puddle            (2015 – Best Script – Open Division)
Duration: 19 mins
Language: Cantonese|Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis:    Although 15-year old Wing is bounced around in foster homes, he forms a genuine sibling relationship with 9-year old Hoi Lam and the mentally challenged Chi Yan. They are cared for by Chi Yan's grandmother who heads up this makeshift family. Occasionally full of teen angst and bordering on delinquency, Wing nevertheless showers Hoi Lam and Chi Yan with brotherly care. Cheerful Ho Lam dreams of reunion with his mother. Wing, more world-weary, ends up transferring to a youth hostel. In their brief days together, the trio formed a true family bonded by love instead of blood. The immensely likeable and talented trio of actors shines in this poignant and heartwarming tale on how children find strength in each other.


Movie 2: The Sea Within        (2014 – Fresh Wave Award & Best Film – Open Division)
Duration: 30 mins
Language: Cantonese|Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis: Fishermen couple Ah Shing and Mei-wah, having lived from boat to shore, stayed together for most of their lives. After their son grew up, they have different visions towards the rest of their days. Ah Shing insists on fishing amid the decline of the local fishing industry. Mei-wah works as a factory worker and wishes for a more stable life provided by Ah Shing working on other jobs he is not fond of. Even when there are subtle and profound changes in their relationships due to the different views, their affections for each other never stopped and they still support each other.


Movie 3: Broken            (2012 – Best Cinematography – Open Division)
Duration: 21 mins
Language: Cantonese|Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis: Everyone is an opportunist if they have an opportunity, and the person below is just a stepping stone up the chain of power. When two boys are left home alone with Grandpa going about his usual business in antiques and collectibles, their improvised ball game results in the breaking of a precious vase. Sly big brother attempts to lay the blame on little brother, by hook and by crook, but Grandpa is as savvy a collector as he is a guardian. The little culprits duly accept their punishment, the blows cushioned by a padding of good humour.


Movie 4: God Bless All Parents        (2012 – Best Script – Open Division)
Duration: 27 mins
Language: Cantonese|Chi & Eng Subtitles
Synopsis:    With so much prestige and value attached to English in Hong Kong, it’s little surprise parents go to extraordinary lengths to give the best language education for their children. In comes the perfect solution: a learning kit that promises a head start in life, a two-in-one answer to a growing kid and a frustrated stay-at-home mom. Its only downside is the price tag – a hefty HK$53,000! Will our couple succumb to pressure sales tactics – by turns forceful, subliminal and persuasive – ignore their better judgment and rise to the bait?


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